Who we are

Alla Pr Rubino produciamo cinghie dentate e nastri sincronizzatiWe produce toothed belts and synchronized belts

We have innovative ideas in motion since 1978

In the Sixties the founder of our company, Vincenzo Rubino, began to mature the first working experiences on rubber bands with canvases that were beginning to replace the traditional noisy and inexpensive catenary chains. Hence the idea of ​​creating the Pr Rubino was born, to which it was born in 1978.

In the eighties we specialized further in the production of conveyor belts for internal use and in their use on automatic machines.

Anticipating the timing of change, in 2007 the new season of research and development began, during which we renewed and expanded the range of products – found on this site and in our catalogs – and we tested the best solutions based on the market needs. In this way we have been able to relaunch successfully and in 2010 we have put on the market innovations, unique and exclusive able to bring great added value to the industrial automation sector.

Alla Pr Rubino produciamo cinghie dentate e nastri sincronizzati

Today Pr Rubino is the first company in the world in the production of synchronized belts on rolling rollers up to 12 mm in diameter and can boast of being the first in the province of Bologna to obtain ISO 9001/2015 certification. The merits of these results go to the company staff and of course to the loyal customers who believed in our innovations and were able to experience them with success and satisfaction.

The results achieved represent an additional basis for launching us and an incentive to improve ourselves in order to meet future market needs. Because our goal is to continue to be a reference point for simple and synchronized precision transport.