Tuv certification for better service

There is no piece of paper or procedure that can fully attest to the seriousness and quality of a company. In these 40 years PR Rubino has been able to demonstrate with facts and with its highly innovative products what it is able to do and the constant interest of its customers. Surely, when you add a certificate to the results, the satisfaction is greater. For some years now, Pr Rubino has been ISO 9001/2015 certified, demonstrating the commitment and resources invested in research and development which make it the world’s first company in the production of synchronised belts on rollers up to 12 mm in diameter.
Thanks to a certain amount of work and the process control system, the company has been able to reduce non-conformities to a percentage close to 0%, with inevitable positive effects on customers who, thanks to this important result, can count, among other things, on an enormous advantage in terms of time and savings. To maintain this high quality standard, however, Pr Rubino also needs the valuable collaboration of its partners. This is why they have been sent a recommendation for the use of five simple measures that will allow them to offer a service that is increasingly in line with their expectations.
• If the design has been modified with respect to a previous delivery, we recommend a progressive variation on the article code on the cartouche, the modification of the date of the revision and the article code itself as follows: e.g. 1500DA01RIC will become 1500DA01RIC/01
• If it is NOT possible to act as in point 1, it is sufficient to note the change in CUBITAL characters or by means of a stamp or any other means of printing to highlight the change: Example: WARNING: varied drawing on… (put the date of the variation)
• This variation must also be specified on the order;
• In order to optimize our production processes we ask you to send us the drawings in DXF or DWG format;
• Since tolerances are expensive – in terms of time, costs and energy – it would be advisable to indicate them only if they are really fundamental; in case of doubt you can consult the catalogues on our website prrubino.it or contact our technical service directly.