The road to life, we are looking for resources

Once the project has been defined, the protagonists identified and the guidelines fine-tuned, the last step is missing to launch The road to life, the project for safe driving for young people. There is a lack of resources to hear the sound of the engines roaring on the track. For this reason, the working group, which includes Attilio Rubino and Mirco Tognarini, is looking for people willing to invest in this initiative.
Because the more people believe in this project, the more willingness you have to save young lives.
The aim is to explain to young people that when you are on the road you should not race and you should not be distracted because every little mistake is paid a high price. “Human resources are the most precious asset – often repeats Attilio Rubino, director of Pr Rubino and Vision Tech – and if an entrepreneur wants to win future challenges he must have the foresight to protect his collaborators. It can not think of investing only in job training, it must also train them to comply with the rules. Beginning with teaching them the secrets of safe driving.
According to Attilio Rubino, in fact, “young people are our future and know them at risk on the roads without doing anything to increase their awareness of the risks they face, is the worst we adults can do. On the basis of these premises began the collaboration with Rally Dreamer and the multi-champion Marco Belli. But to give life to the idea requires the participation of all because, Rubino concludes, “the more we will be and the more resources we will have to teach our children The road to life”.