SharkDrive, the guide that synchronizes belts

Created ten years ago, the synchronized guide SharkDrive, patented by Pr Rubino, has succeeded in revolutionizing the industrial automation market. SharkDrive is not only a flexible guide that wraps around very small diameters both in bending and in counter bending, but it also eliminates the problem of slipping on toothed pulleys and, most of all, synchronizes the movement of the belt.

Before SharkDrive, there were softer trapezoidal guides on the market that could only rotate on large pulleys, and in the event of cracks they would come off the belt completely.
To solve these problems Attilio Rubino and his collaborators have created something really innovative.
Attempt after attempt, the patented heel-proof toothed guides EasyWhale were created. Product innovation consists precisely in the separation of DT10 teeth.
Therefore, in the event that one of them should be removed, the others will not be affected by the same destiny, compromising the driveability of the belt and the functionality of the system itself.

Not happy with what they had created, at Pr Rubino they had the idea of raising the challenge even further by breaking that tooth into two parts.
This is how the DTV10 was born, which made it possible to further reduce the diameter of the rollers on which the belts run.
The farsightedness of Attilio Rubino and his collaborators has allowed to anticipate the future market demands, giving life to the SharkDrive, the flexible guides that synchronize the fabrics.

It took five years of experiments and continuous improvements, but in the end the world of industrial automation has witnessed the birth of a unique and irreplaceable product.
It has revolutionized the industry, and has also allowed to significantly reduce production costs thanks to its ability to wrap on very small pulleys.

Thanks to this innovation Pr Rubino is today the  world leader  in the production of synchronized belts on rollers up to 12 mm in diameter.

And since good news never comes by itself, Pr Rubino has added to the EasyWhale and SharkDrive guides the famous EasyOpen opening nylon joints that allow you to change the belts without having to remove the machines.