Pr Rubino and Vision Tech meet students

What does the pilot need to get an aircraft off the ground? With this question Attilio Rubino concluded his speech in front of a large audience of students of the degree course in Communication and Business Development that was held Friday, March 9 in the Aula Magna Ruffilli of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Alma Mater.

“It takes a lot of gas to get an airplane off the ground,” explained the entrepreneur in the role of the professor who assisted engineer Massimo Di Menna during the lesson.
This encourages the audience to always do their utmost to be able to emerge in life as in work.

“It is not enough to carry out the task and limit ourselves to that, if you really want to do well – added Rubino – To achieve the objectives you certainly have to bring your mind, but you also need your heart; the desire that animates us to provide answers to the expectations for us is fundamental, because the additional step lies precisely in the desire to always do the best you can.”
A mental predisposition that pays off in any situation, even when you feel you are surrounded by a desert.
After all, as the mantra so dear to successful trainers says, in order to achieve a goal you must first want it.
And thought must inevitably be followed by action.

During the lesson, Attilio Rubino presented Pr Rubino and Vision Tech, their mission and their products, but above all outlined the next objectives of the two companies from Bologna. The aim of Pr Rubino and Vision Tech is to attack new markets and in particular those of Germany, Poland and Hungary with the help of BridgeAst.
There is also a need to safeguard young people and in particular their employees through the The road to life project ; it is a safe driving course that aims to teach future generations the importance of compliance not only at work but especially on the road to limit the continuing dangers.
SharkDrive, the guide that synchronizes belts

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